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Inspection Services

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Insurance Loss and Loss Draft: At the behest of the client, we’ll go to the property, after making an appointment, make a list of all the damages and causes, repairs done thus far, and provide supporting photos.

Gain Access or Allow Access: If unable to gain access to property structure/unit/condo/complex/etc., then we must make up to three (3) attempts on separate days, if necessary, to gain access. It is mandatory for us to document specific dates and times for each attempt made. If on the third attempt access is still not possible, take a photo and attempt to obtain or research the contact name and phone number for the homeowners’ association or management company. If there is no contact information, this should be noted in the completion report comments. We also will contact the utility company to check on status of utilities. Also, if we encounter a problem with gated communities, we will present a letter from the client to gain access.

Disaster or Damage: see Insurance Loss or Loss Draft. These are sent out when there is a natural disaster to check the status of the property.

Walk Thru: We walk the interior and exterior of the property to determine its condition, noting all new and pre-existing damage and its location. If we are unable to gain entry (keys do not fit), details of “why” our keys did not fit the lock will be documented in the comment section of our inspection form.

Bankruptcy: We don’t make contact with the occupant; however, we may contact a neighbor to ask if the property is occupied or vacant. You may not discuss any other information with a neighbor. We do not leave a call back card with anyone or at the property. If the property is confirmed to be vacant, we are required to perform a complete exterior inspection.

Drive by/ No Contact: We don’t make contact with the occupant; however, we will contact a neighbor at the property to see if it’s occupied or vacant. We will not discuss any information with the neighbor or leave a call back card with anyone at the property. 

Verify Occupancy: Contact is allowed but not required to verify occupancy status and/or obtain occupant’s name. We will indicate the condition of the property and report any damage. We will provide documentation on how this information was obtained and the name, title and contact number of any personnel we speak to;  all documentation will be clearly noted in the inspection comments section.

Interview: We will attempt to make direct contact with the occupant and obtain the occupant’s name and phone number. If direct contact cannot be made, we will utilize the “T” approach with these interview inspections, meaning that the interviews will need to be completed with all surrounding neighbors. Surrounding neighbors will be visited as the neighbors to both the left and the right side of the property, and also with the neighbor directly across the street from the property. We leave a call back card with the mortgagor/borrower only.

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