2425 Bowland Parkway Suite 111, Virginia Beach, VA 23454



Initial Services
All properties are thoroughly inspected for damages and secured upon the first visit to the property.
-Lock Changes – using specialized digital locks or HUD standard locks
-Janitorial Services
-Property Reviews
-Debris Removal
-Quality Control

Repairs and Renovations
After the initial jobs are completed, and sometimes before, estimates are submitted to notify the client of any and all repairs needed in order to quickly get the property back to marketable condition.
-Life and Safety
-System Checks
-Code Violation Resolutions
-Mold Remediation

Market Readiness
Every property is brought to market ready condition for buyers to come in at any time; so, the client knows if the property is to be shown or ready for market posting, the property has been well maintained and kept marketable.
-Marketing Photographs
-Sign placements
-Utility Activation
-Pest Control
-Landscaping upkeep

Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance is required for all properties being serviced and management by Colonial Property Group. These duties not only keep the property presentable, but also allows for a quick response should something happen to these properties since the last visit.
-Maid Services
-Lawn Maintenance
-Snow Removal
-System Checks
-Health and Safety Hazards
-Animal Control
-Pest Control